We treat our members like family and offer a straightforward pricing model.

Your membership includes:

24/7 access to care
Unlimited face to face visits
Unlimited Telemedicine access via phone call or video chat
Ask your doctor questions via text or email
EKG, spirometry, breathing treatments when needed
Cryotherapy, skin biopsies, basic laceration repair
In office Strep, Flu or Mono tests when appropriate
Urine analysis
Yearly wellness exam
Patient portal
No hassle Prescription refills
Discounted labs
Discounted Imaging
In-office blood draws
Assistance with coordination of referrals to specialists
Extended Relaxed Visits
Same Day and Next Day appointment scheduling

At Living Well Family Medicine of Boerne, we treat our members like family and offer a straightforward pricing model that is easy to follow – one without surprises or complicated fees. That’s the benefit of a Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice: no insurance companies or big corporations to answer to when it comes to your visits or procedures with us. We’re not the doctor you dread seeing for your once-a-year checkup or the office you’re nervous to call because you fear you can’t afford to get the advice or attention you need. We are your partner in health – your advocate for living the best and healthiest life you can. Your membership is your ticket to the way health care should be... inviting, affordable, effective, and personalized.

When you’re a patient of Living Well Family Medicine of Boerne, there’s no long-term contracts or hidden costs. Patients are able to cancel their membership at any time if not satisfied.

Children 0-18 w/Parent membership


Children 0-18 w/out Parent membership


Adults age 19-29


Adults age 30 and up
Includes: Massage & Facial


Prepay 12 Months 

Get 1 Month Free!

Acute Care Solutions

All Ages

$50/ Visit

Aesthetic prices are separate.

20% Discount for all Active Law Enforcement and First Responders.